It's Grief.

The feeling of unease. The sleepless nights. The confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus.


The numbing and disconnection


We all have stories of loss in our lives. Losses that have left us not knowing which way is up without being able to express WHY we feel so lost. Sometimes it's the death of a loved one, other times it's something more intangible like a loss of trust, safety, normalcy, community, identity, hope, or freedom (as experienced in this pandemic).


We live in a grief-illiterate cuture, yet grief is the completely normal and natural response to change or loss of any kind. Which is why this Beginner's Guide To Grief is here ... to help you understand grief a little better so you can begin to feel better and move forward.

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Is grief why I'm feeling so off kilter?

Am I actually grieving?

  • There are over 40 types of loss

    We often associate grief with death or divorce but we have the potential to grieve any major change, transition, or loss in our lives. (i.e. loss of health, money, trust, safety, faith, freedom or identity.) Over time these losses stack up AND weigh us down...making life feel heavier than it is.

    It's time to lighten your load.

  • Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss

    Sadly, a majority of us have not been taught how to heal our emotional pain after loss. Instead, we are told to “move on”, “keep busy”, “be strong”, “give it time” and eventually, “get over it”. This misinformation further isolates us in our pain and distracts us from the healing we need to do.

  • Grief & Loss affects us all

    In this guidebook we'll explore the basics of grief, how grief impacts our society, the myths of grief that keep us feeling stuck, the many types of intangible losses, and explore how grief impacts your body, mind, and behaviour so you can feel better and move forward. 

Download the FREE Actually I'm Not Okay - A Beginner's Guide To Grief guidebook today!

I was skeptical, can you really RECOVER from grief? My experience had made me feel that that was an unlikely prospect. But I can sit here and honestly say that my life has changed since this program. I feel lighter, I'm standing a little straighter, and feeling more hopeful.



I didn't even realize I was carrying all this emotional shit around AND the energy it took to carry it all. I came to Tammy with one goal in mind, to get over my ex (which I did), but what surprised me was how every aspect of my life improved since coaching because I now know how to take care of myself.


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